About the Drone Advocacy Network (DAN)

The DJI Drone Advocacy Network (DAN) is a forum to bring together innovators, suppliers, engineers, data developers, and drone users dedicated to the advancement and growth of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) – drone technologies.

DAN and its members will work together to drive new innovations, expand collaboration, share best practices, highlight industry advancements, and address cybersecurity and data management issues to help grow the drone industry as enterprises, businesses, and public safety agencies expand the use of this limitless technology.

DAN members include a diverse group of companies and developers building new and innovative businesses, developing applications, and creating high-tech jobs using DJI platforms; as well as large well-known companies that are implementing drone technology to develop new ways to serve their customers and modernize their businesses while ensuring a more secure platform. Together this group invests in America and supports the creation of thousands of American jobs.

DAN Members

DJI Technology
FLYMOTION Unmanned Systems 
Hensel Phelps

Ideal Blasting Supply
Propeller Aero

Why We Joined

DAN members recognize the importance of working collaboratively with industry partners:

DroneBase – “Today there are more drone pilots than traditional aviation, and the Federal Aviation Administration predicts that number to grow exponentially. At DroneBase, we believe that drones will be an important asset to gather aerial imagery and data for businesses to make better, real-time decisions. We can only get there in a world where we are working together, and the Drone Advocacy Network will pave the way for these important conversations to take place.”

SlantRange – “The data that can be delivered from low-altitude drones is enabling more efficient business practices across numerous industries.  For our team at SlantRange, it’s important to educate on the value that these technologies can deliver, and to advocate where necessary for their regulatory enablement and adoption.  DAN offers the opportunity to do both in close coordination with our partners in the industry.”

FLYMOTION – “One of the keys to improving the UAS industry is to gain wide-spread legitimacy and trust from the main-stream corporate sector. Achieving this requires highlighting and reinforcing the benefits of safe, legal and ethical operation of UAS, which falls directly in line with DAN’s mission, and the core values of FLYMOTION.”

Hangar – “The budding drone industry is the first step towards enabling an autonomous robotics category that must initially rise into the sky, inhabiting a space largely free of people and obstacles, before proving reliable enough to inhabit our roadways, sidewalk and homes. DAN understands this, and is helping us both educate the market on the tangible benefits autonomous drones bring to industry today, as well as promote policy that will encourage the increased use of drones to transform society in the future.”

Skycatch – “Skycatch believes in the power of drone technology to build a better world. Coalitions like DAN help increase adoption of drone technology by spreading awareness of the benefits drone technology can offer. By sharing the collective stories and best practices from users to developers to governing bodies, we can all foster an environment of cooperation and development.”

DroneDeploy – “DAN will play an important role in the development and future of the drone industry and joining DAN, we are furthering our mission of connecting developers, hardware partners, and companies with powerful tools to integrate aerial data into day-to-day operations. We are still on our journey of creating the most comprehensive drone software platform in the world, and are looking forward to finding effective ways to learn, share, and make a difference in the UAV industry.”