DAN Expands With Three New Members

The Drone Advocacy Network(DAN) recently welcomed three additional companies to its membership –Kittyhawk, RMUS and AutoModality.  The services offered by these drone industry innovators improve performance, efficiency and safety in a variety of industries.

In just three and a half years, Kittyhawk transformed from a basement project into an industry-leading operation that has powered over 380,000 flights, provided essential drone services to Fortune 500 companies and collaborated with the federal government to protect our airspace. The San Francisco-based start up provides a platform that enables businesses to operate an “in-house” drone program, encompassing pre-flight planning, flight operations, maintenance, authorization services, as well as secure storage of the collected data. Designed for small and large commercial drone operations, Kitty hawk’s solutions empower enterprises to manage the complexity of operators, aircraft, airspace, data analytics,insights and compliance to maximize safety.

“RMUS is pleased to announce our new membership status with the Drone Advocacy Network. We have been involved in statewide policy development for several years and are excited to help move the commercial/public safety UAV industry forward on a national level,”said RMUS President JT Von Lunen.

AutoModality providesUAV flight control software for infrastructure inspections including bridges, rail way systems, and cellular towers, among others. With offices in Syracuse, NY and SanRafael, CA, AutoModality creates fully autonomous mobile systems that enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of inspections while streamlining maintenance operations. Its Perceptive Navigation technology enables UAV systems to fly autonomously with pinpoint accuracy in GPS-denied locations allowing an unparalleled proximity between the UAV and the asset under inspection. The PerceptiveNavigation technology ensures the high quality and repeatability of UAV data collection even in circumstances when GPS navigation is off the table.

As a business that develops specialized autonomous UAV infrastructure solutions for Fortune 100enterprises, AutoModality fully understands the safety benefits of drone technology.  These benefits are multiplied when industry partners collaborate and share their ideas and platforms to yield superior products for consumers, private businesses,government agencies and first responders. The Drone Advocacy Network is an ideal venue to promote these platforms and advocate for future growth in theUAV technology marketplace, which will lead to more off-the-shelf solutions to meet the needs of customers and clients,” said AutoModality COO Aaron Singer. 

DAN welcomes our newest member sand recognizes their continuing contributions to the drone ecosystem and the many industries that are already benefiting from these exciting technologies.