DroneDeploy partners with Sentera and Slantrange to provide accurate crop health analysis

Successful Farming, by Laurie Bedord

DroneDeploy has released new capabilities to help farmers perform more accurate plant health analysis and process high-quality maps during every stage of crop growth. Farmers can now create field maps using sensors designed for agriculture, including Sentera’s near-infrared and SLANTRANGE’s calibrated multi-spectral sensors. It’s no secret farmers have a number of hardware options when it comes to selecting a drone to evaluate crops. By partnering with SLANTRANGE and Sentera, DroneDeploy customers will now have more freedom to use the camera or sensor of their choice. While most growers begin with visible-spectrum cameras that come standard on drones like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, many turn to sensors designed specifically for ag to perform more accurate, scientific analysis of plant health.

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