FLYMOTION is a FAA-licensed, veteran-owned small business that delivers turnkey Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and innovative technology solutions.  Formed in 2014, and headquartered in Tampa, Florida, FLYMOTION became one of the most recognized, full-scale UAS solution companies due to their meticulous dedication to transforming abstract ideas into concrete solutions. FLYMOTION teams engulf themselves in the artistry of drone technology, and never stop thinking about how to improve the current industry by introducing cutting edge, innovative concepts.  Through technology, platforms and services, FLYMOTION provides end-to-end solutions to a diverse clientele across the United States and Internationally. 

“Essentially what we’re doing with this technology is reducing risk.”
Ryan English, FLYMOTION CEO and Co-founder

Public safety agencies and first responders across the U.S. also look to FLYMOTION for services and products including, drones, infrared and electro-optical sensors, command and control equipment, tactical UAS training, and a variety of consultation services. 


FLYMOTION’s premier public safety platforms include the TRIDENT and MAVERICK, two drone mobile command centers that can assist those on the front lines who benefit from using UAS technology in an environment where time, accuracy and safety are critical to success. The TRIDENT permits operators to pilot drones from dedicated flight stations located inside a command vehicle. State of the art bonded cellular and satellite technology allows for live UAV broadcast transmission to any place in the world, making TRIDENT an indispensable tool for countless markets but especially in public safety, where having a drone mobile command center greatly increases operational capabilities in emergency situations. 

For example, during Hurricane Irma and in the weeks following, FLYMOTION deployed 22 aircrews across the state of Florida and flew more than 650 missions covering over 300 miles of hurricane-damaged terrain.

FLYMOTION also provides training services for both public safety and commercial operators that cater to a wide range of experience levels and certification requirements.

FLYMOTION believes that a critical component of effective training is a realistic environment, which is exactly what they offer with training at Guardian Centers. This 830-acre urban and wilderness training campus is located in Perry, Georgia.

The facility has a full-scale cityscape complete with collapsed buildings, a subway system, a flood zone, and much more. FLYMOTION’s focus on scenario-based flight training is further enhanced by this state of the art facility. This unique drone training provides trainees access to real life obstacles and situations to prepare operators for whatever obstacles lie ahead before they take flight.  


FLYMOTION is also involved with technologies aimed at reducing the threats posed by drone misuse. FLYMOTION collaborated with fellow DAN member DJI in the development and testing of the AeroScope drone detection system. AeroScope’s real-time monitoring offers unprecedented security and safety to airspace with detection, location, identification and tracking capabilities.This gives public safety officials and agencies the ability to detect abnormal drone behaviors and respond accordingly. When the AeroScope system is integrated within FLYMOTION’s command vehicles, their users can track telemetry data of UAVs within a movable radius of up to 50km.

FLYMOTION staff have over 50 years of combined first-hand tactical operations experience. This makes FLYMOTION uniquely qualified to provide effective solutions in the face of budget constraints, limited personnel, and tough deadlines. Their first-hand insight helps develop the programs, and provide the training that customers need to operate unmanned systems in both the public and private sectors.

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