All DAN members substantively contribute to the growing drone economy.  Measure is no exception. Through highly skilled flight operations, a specialized data engineering team, and a comprehensive soft ware solution, Measure enables enterprises to realize the transformative benefits of drone technology.

Measure is an aerial intelligence company working to revolutionize how businesses make decisions to keep people safe and assets at peak performance. Whether it’s providing turn key drone services or training and equipping corporations to run their own drone programs, Measure’s drone solutions save clients thousands of hazardous man hours and millions of dollars in operational costs. Measure’s results include improving the efficiency of solar inspections by 97% compared to traditional methods and saving upwards of $140,000 in costs for every boiler inspection. At traditional power plants, Measure’s drone inspections can prevent costly scaffold building and identify damage on cooling towers and inside boilers, hot and cold spots along ductwork, deformed air and gas nozzles, igniters, cracks, and missing refractory coatings.  They produce digital surface models that accurately estimate stockpile volumes and track changes over time.  All of this saves time and money and improves safety for workers and contractors.

Measure pilots inspecting a solar farm

Measure’s capabilities are well known by others in the UAV marketplace.  “Measure’s application-specific pilot training and deep knowledge of flight regulation allows them to set the standard for commercial UAV operations in the field,” said Jan Gasparic, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at DJI. Recently, Measure has been putting their expertise on paper and sharing across their client base in an effort to accelerate the adoption of drone technology at scale. One example, AES, a Fortune 500 global energy company, is a Measure partner and client who scaled up their drone operations to more than 100 pilots across 10 countries and is now saving 30,000 hours of hazardous work each year.

Measure integrates UAV technology with solar projects

This summer, Drone Nerds, the largest distributor of Drones in the U.S., partnered  with Measure to offer Measure’s Ground Control platform, which combines flight control, logging and program management into a single solution.  Measure’s Chief Strategy Officer Jesse Stepler addressed how Measure Ground Control came about, “We looked across the drone software universe and did not see anything that was meeting that need, so we decided to build it ourselves. We translated all of our operational experience into that software platform for managing drones, for managing operations, for automating flights, and for managing and processing all of the data that has been captured.”

Measure is also a trailblazer in UAV safety and security. As a member of the Unmanned Aircraft Safety Team (UAST), a partnership between the government and industry, Measure works with the government and within the industry to support data-driven safety enhancements aimed at protecting the national airspace. Reducing the threat of UAV collisions with manned aircraft through increased education and investment and implementation of advancements like geo-fencing, is among the UAST top priorities.

Currently in the top 5% of drone firms by revenue, holding an industry-leading safety record with 99.9% airborne success rate, and home to an expert pilot corps with 100 years of military service and 50,000 of flight experience, Measure is a leader and model in the drone marketplace.