These Drones And Humans Will Work Together In Hurricane Florence Recovery Efforts

Forbes, by Jennifer Kite-Powell

Drones are increasingly used by emergency organizations to quickly collect reliable data from impacted areas that are unsafe or impossible for humans and other human-crewed vehicles to reach. This data allows response crews to identify which areas require immediate assistance, facilitate search and rescue efforts for survivors and survey damage for future rebuilding and insurance purposes. 

A drone company in North Carolina, PrecisionHawk, is preparing to deploy hundreds of pilots from its drone pilot network, Droners.IO, to respond to insurance claims in the wake of Hurricane Florence the week of September 17, 2018.

“Today, insurers are increasingly using drones for asset inspections, particularly when assessing claims. With drones, insurers can gather data about asset conditions that is unprecedented in precision and objectivity,” said Michael Chasen, CEO, PrecisionHawk. “This practice is transforming the claims cycle, making it faster and safer for adjusters to observe, analyze and assess the damage associated with incidents ranging from one-off accidents to natural disasters.”

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